Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency and our Carbon Footprint are something everyone is talking about. Energy costs are set to rise significantly so choosing double glazing that will save energy and money is more important than ever.

Our window / door openings and glazing achieve severe weather ratings by using double seal thermoplastic gaskets welded at the corners to eliminate shrinkage. All our silicone sealants are rated to BS 5750.

Up to 94% of the energy lost through a window occurs at the edge of the glass because of the highly conductive nature of the metal spacer. All our double glazed units use argon gas filled Super Spacer Warm Edge Technology which is 950 times less conductive than standard spacers and when combined with Pilkington Glass helps to significantly reduce energy loss. Super Spacer also

  • Reduces noise transfer by up to 2 decibels
  • Reduces condensation by 70% virtually eliminates mould growth and bacteria harmful to asthma sufferers
  • Increases the internal glass temperature by up to 65% over standard double glazing

All this adds up to less heat loss, lower heating bills and lower carbon emissions which is good for the environment and your pocket.