Adding a conservatory to your property is the simplest way to create additional living space in your home. It doesn’t matter how you want your conservatory to look or what you’re hoping to create because there will almost certainly be a style within our Formula One range to suit.

Our conservatories are stylish and elegant in appearance but also offer a level of safety and performance that is hard to match.

Regardless of age or style of your property the flexibility of our Formula One range allows you to add comfort, insulation and noise reduction whilst increasing your living space.

Our conservatories are available in over 50 wood-grain effects and colours and the following styles:

An Orangery  is a traditional, atrium-style conservatory, and are generally buildings with glazed sides and brick or wood supports. The traditional orangery is the ultimate home improvement, your adjoining rooms flood with light and there’s a feeling of grandeur that comes from the interior height of the orangery.

A Liv In Room provides the light from a conservatory with the feel of an extension, creating a whole new dynamic to the space – a ‘real room/living room’ feel. – delivering greater overall value and the best of all worlds.

Victorian is the most popular style of conservatory, with its distinguishing architectural features, such as a bay front, give a curved appearance, and a steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge.

Edwardian is a flat fronted style that offers excellent use of floor space due to the square or rectangular internal shape, each side of the roof slopes back to the centre resulting in a contemporary style.

Gable-fronted style of conservatory adds a sense of grandeur to any home with a high roof slope. The front panel of the roof remains upright rather than sloping back to the centre.

Lean-to is for those who prefer the clean understated lines of a Mediterranean sunroom, this style is ideal for properties with limited space.

Where appropriate we will use Warm Roof construction techniques adding in an insulation layer above the rafters, and immediately below the weatherproof membrane. A warm roof construction has many benefits over a traditional ‘cold roof’, is thermally efficient, cost effective and allows moisture to escape which in turn prevents damp and any associated decay problems.

  • All our conservatories can be fully customised to complement the look of your house and the space available. Our fitting process is simple and straightforward.
  • All work is carried out by our own fully qualified and experienced staff (not contractors).
  • All installations are covered by our guarantees – all Double Glazed Units are covered by our 20 Year Guarantee and all Framework and Working Parts by our 10 Year Guarantee.